Summer DAY Camp: 5 Weeks of Scientific Fun in the Sun!

Taltree summer camp program creates a safe and fun environment for children to expand their horizons and develop new interests in nature and science. Camp is five weeks, each week offering new and different activities based on science theme. Campers can register for a single week or all five weeks based on their interests. Camp is open to second through fifth graders.

5 day week – $175 per week - June 16-20, June 23-27, July 7-11, July 14-18
4 day week – $150 - June 30-July 3
Weekly cost includes a non-refundable $50 reservation fee.

Multiple child discount - $10 OFF additional child each week

Early bird discount now through May 1, 2014
Members – $25 off full registration.
Non-members – $15 off full registration.

Reservation fee of $50 is due at time of reservation. Final payment is due the Friday before each scheduled week of camp.

Camp hours are 8:45 to 3:30 pm with pre- and post- childcare available.
2014 summer camp registration packet here.
2014 summer camp medical forms here.


Science Quest (June 16-20 & June 30-July 3): Campers become scientists! They will confirm or deny science myths and log their findings in their Taltree journal. They will visit a local farm to learn about manure and its by product – methane gas. Campers will learn about composting and how larvae can break down food waste. They will play laser tag, go on an animal poop hike, create their own ant farm, make their own slime and participate in a marshmallow catapult competition. Register Now!

Science Quest camp week June 30 – July 3 will only run Monday through Thursday due to the 4th of July holiday. This camp will cost $150. Register Now!

Wacky Water Week (June 23-27): This week is dedicated to all things water! Campers will visit the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, hike Taltree’s wetlands and learn about Northwest Indiana’s water ecosystems – lakes, bogs, ponds and streams. In the wetlands, they will observe swans, create wetland-themed art and play water games. Campers will also go fishing and create their own terrarium. Campers can document their experiences in their Taltree journal. Register Now!

CSI: Taltree (July 7-11): Campers will become the next generation of Camp Science Investigation experts! Campers will be introduced to the Scientific Method where they will investigate and test their own hypotheses. They will investigate maggots, protazoa, germs and larvae. On a Dead Things hike, they will explore decaying plant matter and identify various fungi species. Campers will visit the Challenger Learning Center to meet everyday science investigators and meet local law enforcement to learn about their job. To be a real CSI camper, they will dissect owl pellet to see what they had for lunch. Campers will investigate and present their findings about detritivores, a fungi-bacteria like organism that makes soil. Register Now!

Wilderness Safari Camp (July 14-18): Campers will learn about woodland wildlife, gardening and more from area conservationists. They will learn how to tie nautical knots and more, create their own mini-veggie garden, what wild things can be eaten and why bluebirds are so important. They will go to the zoo, go blueberry picking and build their own bird house. They will get up close and personal with animals, play water games and dissect owl pellets. Campers can document their experiences in their Taltree journal and will bring home special hike mementos. Register Now!