Project Learning Tree

These are examples of a 30 minute game that teachers may request as an addition to their 1.5 hour hike. Taltree offers other games depending on the size of the group and theme of the hike. Taltree staff reserves the right to change the activity depending on group size, weather, and extenuating circumstances. Taltree staff will notify teacher if changes occur. For more information, please call 219-462-0025.

Birds & Worms Game

In Birds and Worms, students discover the value of protective coloration (camouflage) as an important survival strategy in the animal kingdom.

Students play the part of birds in search of worms and bugs in this relay race activity. The standards incorporated include scientific inquiry, forces of nature, diversity of life, interdependence of life and evolution, systems, critical response skills and constancy and change.

Age: K-6th grade
Subject: Natural camouflage/ Predator-prey relationship

Food Chain Game

In the Food Chain game, students learn about population dynamics and the consequences of eating pesticide-contaminated food. Students become hawks, shrews and grasshoppers in a physical and engaging activity. Ideal for grades 3 to 5, the standards incorporated include interdependence of life and evolution, critical response skills, constancy and change, and systems.

Age: 3rd-8th grade
Subject: Species Interconnectivity