Conservation-To-Go : Nature in the classroom

Taltree’s education staff would love to visit your school! Staff will have fun educational games, props and visual aids to provide a unique learning experience. Programs align Next Generation Science Standards for grades K-5.

Student pricing is determined by program. Depending upon program customization, additional costs maybe incurred.

Programming is available year-round.


Call 219.462.0025 and or email Program Manager Ellen Kapitan at to schedule your program. Program is available weekdays and timing is flexible depending on date, and distance from Taltree.



This program will focus what plants need to grow, parts of a plant and their roles in the garden and on our plates. The program will end with each student planting their very own garden in a glove!  $3/Student

NGSS: K-LS1-1; 1-LS3-1; 2-LS2-2; 3-LS1-1; 4-LS1-1; 5-LS1-1


This program teaches students about the three types of rocks, the rock cycle and will be able to determine if a specimen is a rock or mineral based on its composition. Students will observe rock samples and create their own rocks using taffy candy.  $3/Student

NGSS: 2-PS1-1; 2-ESS1-1; 5-PS1-3

Provided by Tea and Snippets


Students will determine if an item is biodegradable and will understand the importance of decomposers in nature and our gardens. The group will have to opportunity to create compost in a bottle and compare the effect worms have in decomposing.  $3/Student

NGSS: K-ESS3-3; 5-LS2-1; 5-PS1-4


Students will be able to explain the importance of wetlands while demonstrating what happens when humans develop the area. A Taltree naturalist will bring an EnviroScape, an interactive model that gives students an up-close look at the effects our decisions have on wetlands.  $2/Student

NGSS: K-ESS3-1; K-ESS3-3; 3-LS4-3; 3-LS4-4; 5-ESS3-1


Woodland, Wetland and Prairie Investigation

Have a Taltree naturalist join your class and bring you on a journey through the three ecosystems that can be found at Taltree. We will compare and contrast the non-living parts of the environment and how they influence our living organisms. Students will also explore how these organisms interact with each other. $2/Student



Students will understand why we experience changes in weather throughout the year. Clouds influence the precipitation we encounter and students will create their own cloud in a jar. $2/Student

NGSS: K-ESS2-1; 1-ESS1-1; 1-ESS1-2; 3-ESS2-2