Conservation-To-Go – Nature in the classroom

Taltree’s education staff will formulate the best program to fit your curriculum, age group and classroom needs. Staff will have fun educational games, props and visual aids to provide the best experience possible. Programs align with Indiana educational standards.

Teachers are free. Parents are $5 each. Student pricing is determined by program. Depending upon program customization, additional costs maybe incurred.

Programming is available year-round.


Call 219.462.0025 and or email Youth Education Manager Ellen Kapitan at to schedule your program. Program is available weekdays between 10 am-3 pm (CST) depending upon date, time and distance to program site.


Gardening Program

This program will focus on how to start a veggie garden in your classroom, school, or home, what to expect when planning for a veggie garden, and will end with each student planting their very own small garden! Offered to grades K-8. $4/Student

Geology Program

This program will teach students about the geology of Indiana and so much more. Students will learn all about the rock cycle, fossilized dinosaur poo (known as “copralite”), and how you can make a diamond from your pencil lead! Offered to grades 3-12. $3/Student

Provided by Tea and Snippets

Recycling Program

Students will learn many ways that we can recycle in our communities. Naturalists will start with the 3 “R’s” and will then discuss how we can recycle with bugs, worms, and pigs! Students will get the chance to create their own classroom worm bin, create their very own trash dinosaur, and see black soldier flies in action! Offered to grades K-12. $4/Student

recycle symbol

Weather Program

Naturalists will teach students how meteorologists tell weather events, what an “elph” in meteorology means, how snow forms in certain areas, and much more! Offered to Grades 3-9. $3/Student

Provided by National Geographic

Wetlands Program

This program will focus on water quality, the water cycle, and what lives in wetlands. Depending on the year, naturalists will bring tadpoles, newts, salamanders, and frogs to the classroom! Offered to grades K-8. $3/Student


Woodlands Program

This program will focus on everything woodlands. Your class could have the opportunity to dissect owl pellets, learn how to count tree rings, see different birds’ nests, and much more! Offered to grades 4-8. $3/Student

Shagbark Hickory