Joseph E. Meyer Memorial Pavilion

The Joseph E. Meyer Memorial Pavilion, a gift from the Florence Melton family, was constructed in 2002. As the first structure built at Taltree the pavilion is a showcase of natural materials artfully blended into the landscape. Brides and grooms exchange wedding vows in an atmosphere of beauty and serenity. The Joseph E. Meyer Memorial Pavilion and gardens are fast becoming the preferred place for special events in a memorable and magical setting.

 Ed’s Oasis

If you crave only birdsong and have no need for serious shelter, Ed’s Oasis is a great option. If you prefer to commune with nature rather than appreciate it from afar, set up a picnic beneath the shade of the artistic structure that covers Ed’s Oasis.

 Window on the Wetland

No matter the weather, there is always something going on in Taltree’s wetlands. Imagine experiencing the graceful landings of migrating egrets, the trumpeting of Taltree’s trumpeter swans, and the soulful cries of a visiting loon. Whether you choose to host a quiet gathering, a bird-watching event or a one-of-a-kind outdoor nature tutorial, Window on the Wetlands should be top on your list.



The Sidetrack

If you’re looking for a private expanse of green grass to enjoy with your guests, The Sidetrack is the space for you. The stage provides an excellent location to showcase your important event. With space for up to 300 people, this is the place for large gatherings at Taltree.

The Audrey M. & Leonard J. Hitz Family Rose Garden

Hitz Rose Garden

Tucked behind the beautiful array of rose species of the Rose Garden, there is a lovely private space for events. The trees, bushes, shrubs and flowers that make up the rose family will provide a gorgeous backdrop for intimate ceremonies and events.


depotsmallThe Depot Visitor Center

Off-season (November-March), the Depot Visitor Center is available for rentals. The space has the feel of an old railroad depot.