Arboretum Etiquette

Arboretum Etiquette

When you arrive at Taltree, you will enter a very delicate ecosystem. Taltree exists to protect trees, plants and animals.

You can help protect this delicate ecosystem by following these simple steps:

• Stay on trails. Foot traffic only. Bicycles should remain in the parking lot area. Sport activities like ball playing, Frisbee, kite flying or skateboarding are not allowed.
• Do not climb trees, sculptures or structures.
• Wading and fishing are not permitted in the ponds, wetlands or swamps.
• Do not feed the animals.
• Collecting plants or capturing animals and insects is prohibited.
• Properly dispose of trash in waste and recycle containers.
• Smoking is prohibited.
• All dogs must remain on leashes. Only service dogs are permitted in the Visitors Center Depot and Railway Garden. For non-service dogs, there is a shaded hitch post to the left of the Visitors Center Depot entrance.

Picnicking is highly encouraged! Bring your own or stop by the Taltree Store.
No grilling/cooking allowed.

Personal use photography with tripods is allowed provided walkways are not blocked, flower beds and other areas are not disturbed. Professional/Commercial photography require a permit and should be requested prior to visit.

Following these simple steps keeps Taltree a safe and healthy home for future generations!