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Gardening in Northwest Indiana

Visiting public gardens like ours is a great way to get inspired about your own landscape. If you live in the Midwest, it’s very likely we share your climate. If you live in the Chicagoland-Northwest Indiana region, we definitely share the same climate and plant resources and potentially the same rainfall and soil type.

Many of our plants were chosen for ease of care and hardiness against the elements – temperate climate, changing soil conditions and invaders – animals, insects, disease and non-native plants.

Our garden styles range from formal, the Hitz Family Rose Garden, and intricate, the Railway Garden, to casual and simple, the Native Plant Garden.

If you have a gardening question or a plant problem just ask and we’ll try to help diagnose it.


What are those mesh baggies on stakes in the gardens? How many roses are in the rose garden? Where is the best place to do some bird watching? Is it true that winter is the best time to prune a tree? What exactly is an Arboretum? I want to plant some spring ephemerals in my […]

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