Liatris blooms in the prairie in mid-summer. Taltree’s Signature Bur Oak tree is surrounded by prairie.

Taltree’s prairies are indicative of the tallgrass prairies that once covered vast acres of the Midwest, including parts of northwest Indiana. Planted at various times from 1996 to 2000, these prairies continue to change and grow. In spring and early summer, a symphony of native grasses emerge along with the vibrant blossoms of spiderwort and foxglove. By summer the grasses have reached three to four feet tall and provide accompaniment to Baptisia, compass plant, coneflower, and rattlesnake master. By mid-September, when the grasses can reach eight feet tall, the prairies capture the hues of autumn with the colorful blooms of goldenrod and aster. Look and listen closely, as these prairies are home to a variety of birds, insects, and mammals, making them some of the most diverse habitats at Taltree.

Taltree Prairies