Native Plant Garden

One of the most important missions for any public garden or arboretum is education. Taltree’s Native Plant Garden is as educational as it is diverse. All of the plants in this garden are native to Northwest Indiana. They provide food and habitat for animals that are important to the survival of our forests, prairies and wetlands. A new feature within the Native Plant Garden is the Monarch Waystation. This new bed showcases plants that play a vital role in the lifecycle of this well-known butterfly and important pollinator. The entire Native Plant Garden has been certified and registered by Monarch Watch as an official Monarch Waystation by the University of Kansas Entomology Program.

As part of the design of the Native Plant Garden, the plants growing in the natural areas are represented in cultivated beds and labeled for identification. We hope you will appreciate the beauty and diversity of the plants native to our region and consider using them in your own gardens.

Eupatorium purpureum- Joe Pye Weed

Liatris punctata