Adventure Garden

Childrens Adventure Garden-2 small

Funded in part by ArcelorMittal, this ‘where your food comes from’ garden explores raised bed gardening, green roofs, rain barrels and insect composting. The garden is home to Bantam chickens, Nigerian dwarf goats, American guinea hogs and more. The Adventure Garden allows kids to explore their five senses – sight, sound, touch, taste and smell […]

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Meyer Memorial Pavilion Garden

Summer pavilion border

Gardens surrounding the Meyer Memorial Pavilion feature plants that artfully blend with the structure’s wood and stone construction. A blend of formal and informal, the gardens offer a constantly changing color palette. The edge of the Heron Pond is planted with irises and grasses. Closer to the pavilion, a sense of relaxed formality is conveyed […]

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Native Plant Garden


One of the most important missions for any public garden or arboretum is education. Taltree’s Native Plant Garden is as educational as it is diverse. All of the plants in this garden are native to Northwest Indiana. They provide food and habitat for animals that are important to the survival of our forests, prairies and […]

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Oak Islands Exhibit

Oak Islands at Taltree

Each of the “islands” that comprise this exhibit is home to selections of oak trees from temperate regions throughout the world. Visitors can view examples of oak habitats from Asia, Europe and America that include shrubs and perennials associated with the environment in which they are naturally found. Oaks make up the most numerous genus (450+ […]

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Railway Garden

Taltree Railway Garden in Spring

The Railway Garden is open April until October from 8 am to 7 pm. Garden trains run 10 am to 6:30 pm. Trains do not run in inclement weather – snow, ice, rain and strong winds. If weather is questionable, call 219.462.0025 day of your visit to verify trains are running. Visit in April to watch the […]

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Rose Garden

Red rose in the Hitz Family Rose Garden

Audrey M. & Leonard J. Hitz Family Rose Garden Audrey M. Hitz (1923-2003) was an avid reader who enjoyed traveling to far-flung destinations. She viewed each trip as an opportunity to experience gardens and landscapes in bloom. While she appreciated all flowering plants, her favorite was the rose. After Audrey passed away her husband, Leonard […]

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Welcome Garden

Welcome to Taltree

Visitors entering the arboretum from County Road 100 North will be greeted by a diverse community of trees and shrubs. Along the east side of the road into the arboretum a sumac grove shelters a wide array of woody plants. The west side of the road is home to bald cypress, black ash, buttonbush, holly […]

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