Taltree’s Trumpeter Swans

Taltree’s largest birds are permanent residents. The mated pair of Trumpeter Swans, considered endangered in Indiana, are pinioned and cannot fly. They spent spring and summer in the wetland, but we took special precautions for winter. In the fall, Larry MaAfee, DVM, with the assistance of a veterinary technician and Taltree staff, transported¬† the swans to the Railway Garden. Their winter home is surrounded by two fences, the pond will be kept thawed by a bubbler, and a structure will give them additional shelter.

Dr. Larry McAfee gave each swan a check-up when they first arrived in spring, 2012.

The swans were transported by vehicle to the wetlands.

The swans live in the Railway Garden pond in the winter.

Taltree Arboretum & Gardens joined the Trumpeter Swan Society in order to assure the vitality and welfare of these great birds. For more information, visit the Trumpeter Swan Society website.

Birds that only visit in the warmer months or pass through on their way north are visible in abundance in summer. Here are photos of just a few: