Numerous species of mammals, birds, insects, invertebrates and amphibians call Taltree home.


Pheasant and Woodcock Habitats In 2014, Taltree received $5,000 from BP Whiting Refinery to begin the restoration of a 30-acre parcel of land. This parcel is enrolled in the Federal Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)-part of the US Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service. Funding from BP was used to begin the restoration of a […]

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There are a variety of butterflies that call Taltree home throughout the spring and summer. Taltree offers Monarchs, an endangered species, and others a safe haven in its Native Plant Garden Monarch Waystation.

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Endangered Species

Taltree is home to endangered plant and wildlife species. We have almost 60 rare plant species, many of which prefer wetland areas that stay consistently moist. Examples include Gentiana flavida (yellow gentian) and Oenothera perennis (small sundrops). For wildlife, Taltree is home to the endangered black sandshell mussels and state-endangered Trumpeter swans.  

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