The Arboretum

Explore restored woodlands, prairies and wetlands via four miles of hiking trails. View migrating birds from vantage point above Window on the Wetlands. Glimpse many endangered and rare plant and animal species.

Listen to an outdoor concert or claim a quiet corner for a picnic. Enjoy the scents and sounds of the Rose and Native Plant Gardens. Gather inspiration from the ever-changing displays in the Welcome Garden.

Visit Taltree’s award-winning Railway Garden, with its hand-crafted bridges, water features and vignettes that pays tribute to the steam locomotive era of American railroad history. Learn about the range of oak species grown in temperate climates by touring Oak Islands, an exhibit showcasing oaks of Europe, Asia and North America.


Plant Collections

The heart of any arboretum or botanic garden is its plant collections. Taltree’s collection focuses on woody and herbaceous plants that tolerate our challenging clay soil and long, cold winters. The oak tree (Quercus spp.) is a natural for these conditions and as a result we have numerous oaks in our collection. Our Northwest Indiana […]

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Numerous species of mammals, birds, insects, invertebrates and amphibians call Taltree home.

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Engage your senses and your moods by experiencing the variety of environments. Walk through prairies, woodlands and wetlands.

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Engage your senses by experiencing the variety of environments that Taltree has to offer via our trail system. Take a hike into the wilder side and enjoy the natural habitats of creatures you may not find in your backyard. Taltree has nearly just over six miles of trails. All provide plenty of room to comfortably […]

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